Introducing RETSbond. RETSbond is a PHP library that bridges and bonds the gap between your application and the MLS data by providing developer tools for common RETS actions such as authentication, query building and data retrieval. Once configured, RETSbond can handle these aspects of RETS interaction automatically so you can focus on building your applications.
Best of all, RETSbond works by duplicating the MLS data to your personal database, giving you complete and unlimited control over the data and how you utilize it - it's up to you and your needs.
RETSbond has the following minimum requirements:
  • PHP 5.1+
  • Zend Optimizer (PHP 5.2 and earlier)
  • Zend Guard Loader (PHP 5.3 and later)
  • MySQL 5.0+ or MSSQL 9.0+
  • Trial
RETSbond is available for a free 30 trial. Contact us for more information.