Conveyor Group invited to speak at CalFest Convention

News | January 13, 2014

Aaron F. Popejoy, Creative Director for Conveyor Group, was recently invited to speak at the CalFest Convention & Expo in collaboration with the Western Fairs Association Annual Convention. 
The 20th Annual CalFest Convention & Expo was held January 7 - 9, 2014. The event featured speakers from the festivals and events industry across the country. CalFest represents festivals events in California and Nevada. It was formed in 1992 to assist local state-wide festival organizers of smaller events who did not have the means to participate in various International Festivals Association conferences and events. CalFest remains committed to helping existing and newly formed festivals and events throughout California and Nevada. Members include some of the largest events in the region such as the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade. 
This year’s event was held in conjunction to the Western Fairs Association Annual Convention allowing the unique opportunity for both groups to attend and participate in a wide range of sessions.
Popejoy was tasked by the event committee with presenting digital media marketing strategies and website development trends at the annual event, held this year in Anaheim, California. Topics presented included online advertising, social media, event websites and mobile marketing. 
“I was honored to be included in the presenter line-up for this important event,” said Popejoy. “We’ve been recognized by this group in the past for our work in the industry and it was especially flattering to have them ask us to participate in their conference this year.”
Event feedback was highly positive. Many had some experience in digital media but others had never attempted it. As expected, most were interested in maximizing their return on investment and Popejoy discussed the benefits of using digital media to do so. Highlights included data metrics to improve results and the benefits of digital media with regards to tracking the effectiveness of such efforts. Other areas discussed included using streaming video, integrating social media, dedicated mobile apps, and how all of the pieces fit together to compliment one another.